Sunday, April 6, 2008

Maxmind geotargeting

That Maxmind piece of code that goes with their database is completely driving me crazy.. Anyone knows why it leaks memory? Looks like you just can't use it on a web server, in an page. If i turn off the geotargeting function, everything works fine. Once it is on, it leaks memory like crazy. Terrible. Have to rewrite that code that they give out, just no time now. Tax season, you know.

On the positive note, they do update their database monthly. I'm just wondering how those internet providers sit on that data for months and then suddenly release the information to those public sources like maxmind and others. I had a static ip for a year and never in the internet saw any information about it. Now it's all over the place. And looking at my name all over the internet i am thinking that i have to stop using the Roadrunner as soon as possible. Moving to Fios.
Btw, anyone knows how to get a static and at the same time anonymous ip without purchasing a vps package?

Yeah - regarding those vps's - if you decide to buy a vps package from Verio - forget about it. It's 300 bucks a month and you can't even access local files. They don't even answer emails. Go for 1and1 vps. They have US vps packages for 40 bucks. You get your own server, you can Remote console to it, play with it, fill it up with junk, reboot it, reimage it, whatever. It's all yours. All for 40 bucks what Verio does not even offer for 300.

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