Sunday, April 6, 2008

Laptop as server

Now give it a thought.... The broadband packages we buy here at US are fast, but rarely faster than 20Mbit down/5 up. That's what Fiber optic offers. Now, if i want to have a web server at home - should i set up a real server with the stupid RAID or mirror, dual power supplies and all that stuff? My answer is - No, get a laptop.

Let's see... modern laptop is usually cheaper in the first place than a server. If you check out eBay prices, you'll be surprised even more.
Laptop has at least a 100Mbit built-in network card. Which is faster than the broadband. So no bottlenecks here.
It has a built-in keyboard, built-in monitor and touchpad - so no separate console or a kvm switch.
It has a battery - which effectively replaces a bulky lead UPS.
It is very quiet.
It has built-in overheating protection, so you can run it in your bedroom closet.
Now the best thing - it consumes very low power - taking the electricity prices into consideration, that alone will save you over $50 bucks a month on your electric bill. Nice!
At last - do you know that the modern servers now accomodate 2.5 inch drives? Laptops do that already for many years. 2.5" drives are less prone to temperature bending and more resistant to shock than those large 3.5" drives.

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