Sunday, April 13, 2008

Toshiba U405 Big Cleaning

Right out of the box the CPU is running at 70% all the time, and 1.2 Gbytes physical memory is taken by the Vista and other software. Which leaves the user about 600Mb of RAM. What a waste!!

I ran the Control panel, found the Software install/uninstall applet and started it. Wow - looks like the last installation was done a week ago, 4/6/08. That is a new meaning of a brand new computer!!

Well, let's do some cleaning..

- MS Office demo,
- Symantec security something,
- Napster,
- many software packages starting with word 'Toshiba',
- Quicken web accounting package,
- face and speech recognition software,
- buggy web camera suite (it kept showing a big white box in the left upper corner of the screen upon restart),
- fingerprint security suite (which works, however it's so big that using it makes the machine hardly usable for anything else),
- a few other smaller things.

Now the machine is moving a little faster. About 700Mb of RAM is now taken by the system, and 1.3Gb is available to the user. The CPU is now running at average 3-8%.

To be continued...

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