Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good and Inexpensive UK Web Hosting

I recently started expanding my business into the UK area. I am currently researching some hosting companies there. Not cheap i daresay...

Tried one of them -m6.net- they seem to be one of the youngest, i guess they are probably just starting. They are darn cheap. Unfortunately, they are also extremely unreliable. Looks like a couple of kids in the basement with a laptop which is running a free copy of MSSQL Express. Remember, the name of that hosting company is M6.net. And beware. At least for now. If you still want to try them - prepare for a daily downtime for 1-2 hours which never ends until you email them.

However, the world in UK is much bigger than we may think. I am now looking at more established hosting companies there. One of them is eUKhost.com

I'm going to give them a try very soon. If you think that i'm going in a wrong direction - drop me a note here. I do check the responses down below.

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