Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Palm Treo 650 is my cell phone of the year.

Since i ruined my hp 6315 last December, the last year was a really cell-phone-less year for me.. Not that i was totally unhooked, but the stuff i used sucked big time.. Well, finally i decided to get something that can be called a real smartphone. This is Treo 650. I got it on ebay for slightly more than 100 bucks. Unlocked gsm version, all bells and whistles. Well, it has everything i need.

After some fiddling with it and browsing web for some clues, i managed to set up the web browser on it. Well, email was easy. But with T-mobile web does not come cheap. Either you pay $20 extra a month and it works smoothly, or you pay $5.95 only for t-zones and "figure out" how to set up web via proxy servers. Nevertheless, i value money in my pocket more than in someone else's pocket, and my phone works perfectly with both email and web. I can now read LIB.RU on the phone when i travel.

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