Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear Amazon developers, please fix sorting!

Someone tell me how those guys can still make money..

Firstly, the sorting doesn't work. Have you tried shopping for some brand, then sort by price? It doesn't work. In fact, it never works.

Now, it appears the selection criteria is broken as well. Specifically, the price range. I'd rather not have the price range option rather than have it work incorrectly. See the picture...

If you start clicking checkboxes on the left hand side, then it will lose part of the query. Such as if you enter Seiko in the search box above, then after it finds Seiko watches, try to refine the selection results, then it will lose the Seiko criteria completely and start showing totally unrelated items. Ridiculous.

And on the other note, after 1984 saga, I won't ever buy Kindle.


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