Saturday, October 27, 2012

SEO changed after August 2012?

After Google Panda update that has been rolled out over several month in 2012, many people lost their position in Google search results (SERPs).

This is however not a problem. The problem is that many so called SEO consultants bit the dust. The old methods have changed. Those people sitting on bags with gold are not sitting anymore, they are either running around looking for new guinea-pig-customers or changing their business model.

One of my sites has lost its position with Google. Therefore, I am actively looking for a SEO specialist that understands what Panda update means and how to come back in SERPs.

If you are a SEO specialist and you think you can help (I know, it's not free!), please post your feedback below this post today. I will need to see your Portfolio. It must be fairly recent. Nothing older than August 2012 counts.

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