Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free VS 2005 Standard from Microsoft

Almost forgot to tell ya... Got a long-awaited email today from MS with a coupon code for a free Visual Studio 2005 Standard.

About a month ago i took 2 free online classes of Visual Basic 2005 - they were pretty useful btw - cool stuff like multithreading - and now got this email. Normally, the VS 2005 Standard is like $300-$400, depending where to buy. I paid only $10, for delivery. Well, let's see if I get it. Guess that will be a non-resale version. Who cares! I'm not gonna sell it for profit. I was thinking about buying a copy anyway, so why bother if they offered me free classes plus free software...


  1. Got it!! Looks like there is some free cheese in this world :)

  2. Интересно ты живешь!
    Но в России сейчас весьма много изменений